About Me


Nerds are the best kind of people. Which is why I make them all the things. I love creating obscure nerd reference designs that may not appeal to everyone but the people who do get it... have found their internet tribe. I wouldn't be able to make the wonderfully nerdy things I do without you wonderfully nerdy people wanting to buy them. So thanks for all being weirdos, you're not alone.


…because nerds like us are allowed to be
unironically enthusiastic about stuff… Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it. Hank, when people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘you like stuff.’ Which is just not a good insult at all. Like, ‘you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness’.
— John Green

Currently Reading:

The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss
One of my all time favorites, I can't stop myself from re-reading it every few months. If you haven't read it yet... run... don't walk to your nearest book store.

currently watching:

Doctor Who, Season 10
Catching up in time to meet the new FEMALE Doctor this Christmas!
I. Cannot. Wait.


The Well of Ascension (Mistborn #2) by Brandon Sanderson
I just recently caved and started reading Brandon Sanderson novels and now
I'll never go back. This series is great so far with a really great female
lead which you know I'm a sucker for.